Why You Should Eat in Silverwares!

Why You Should Eat in Silverwares!

When we think of people serving and eating their food in silver vessels, we think of a grand display of wealth and status, or an unapologetic love for the luxurious lifestyle. Well, the ultimate luxury is good health, and silverware for our meals is as much about safety, as it is about personal style!

The Ayurvedic system accepts the use of treated metals for medical and general health and wellness purposes. Silver, in particular, is claimed to have strong antimicrobial properties. As a result, food stored in silver vessels is likely to remain fresher and safer for consumption, for a longer period of time. This ancient healing metal is also believed to possess antiviral and antifungal benefits, which can help reduce the stress and discomfort associated with digestive problems. Silver feels cooling, and is often recommended for the treatment of inflammatory conditions in the body. In this way, the consistent use of silverware for daily diet rituals can help keep the immune system strong, as a whole.

According to some alternative, and even some relatively conventional healing practices, it is believed that the electromagnetic energy of silver interacts with that of the body at a cellular level, to ‘recalibrate,’ ‘heal,’ and ‘rejuvenate’ their strength.

Sometimes, even the purest of metals can have traces of toxins in them. But, the craftsmanship of quality silver vessels, designed for long-lasting, versatile usage, will always begin with the sourcing of pure, top-grade silver. When thoroughly, and thoughtfully treated, silver is one of the safest and non-contaminating metals to consider as a base material for food-related silverware.

The sophistication and quiet charm of silver is such that even a single piece, no matter what its scale and size, can make its presence felt in a memorable way.

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