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I-K Silver is one of India’s trusted names in the business of silverware, and silversmithing. Founder and Creative Director Mrs. Ishpinder Kochhar established her independent company in 2001; after a vibrant entrepreneurial journey in promotional endeavours, as well as domestic market research and analysis for renowned international specialists in fine china, silver, and porcelain.

I-K is passionate about presenting silver in relatable, easy to love forms. Through every creation, from a dainty napkin ring, or a classic photo frame, to a statement heirloom piece or the original I-K silver-dipped flowers and leaves, the desire is to celebrate the priceless luxuries of happy memories and sweet surprises with loved ones.


Before the launch of I-K, Ishpinder dedicated over 2 years to exploring the labyrinthine lanes of Old Delhi, Udaipur, and Jaipur. She realised that India’s silver artistry was a precious gift for all the world, because of unique regional ‘signatures’ in craftsmanship. A seasoned collector, or even someone who had grown up around the rituals of the craft with an intuitive sense for them, could identify a region-specific silversmithing and related mixed-media craft technique. Progressively, Ishpinder extended her explorations to further parts of Rajasthan, as well as Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Karnataka and Telangana, to name a few. She has also brought home ideas inspired by local silver artistry in South America, Mexico, Portugal, and France.

A blend of these old-world ‘cross-cultural’ secrets of silversmithing, are at the heart of the I-K’s innovative style. Capturing the radiant allure of a metal revered since ancient times, these secrets take modern shape and form in 92.5% sterling and 24K gold or silver plated options, across multifaceted product categories in Home Décor and Baby.

Gifting authentic silver is a thoughtful art in itself. With I-K, every experience is easy, elegant, and unforgettable; thanks to inventive designs that can be embraced as everyday lifestyle choices, or included in family traditions of passing precious silver to future generations.

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