Why You Should Eat in Silverwares!

When we think of people serving and eating their food in silver vessels, we think of a grand display of wealth and status, or an unapologetic love for the luxurious lifestyle. Well, the ultimate luxury is good health, and silverware for our meals is as much about safety, as it is about personal style!

The Best in Silver Gifts for Baby Births

It is a well-recognised ritual in our culture to consider pure silver gifts to welcome the arrival of a newborn. Silver is so loved as an unforgettable symbol of ‘everyday’ and ‘approachable luxury,

Sterling Silver Gifts for Women

Silver is a one of the metals associated with Alchemy - an ancient form of chemistry that concerns itself with the transformation of fundamental metals into the elixir for everlasting life. This history feeds into the metal’s reputation as a symbol of transformation.

Sterling Silver Gifts for Men

For a very long time, gifting advertisements have focused their story on men surprising women with gifts. It is high time they gave much more inspiration and many more ideas on how men may be pampered too! We see constantly growing trends of gifting for men in fashion, skincare and personal grooming items, vehicles for outdoor activities, and so on.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him

When the world around us becomes chaotic and confusing, love, and the act of expressing love, not only is simple and sensible; but also comforting! There is no right or wrong way of letting him know that you respect, care for, and love him. But, if you are looking for a gesture or symbol that will stay with him and remind him of you forever, then why not consider ‘saying it with silver?’

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